Q: What is Error 404 (File Not Found) traffic?
When a surfer tries to load a page that is not located on your server, your server will generate what is called a "404 Error", which means "I cannot find this file". Normally, your server will generate a simple report to the user, saying it could not find the requested file. But, you can change what your server shows in this situation. In fact, you can tell the server to redirect the surfer to any URL you wish. We will pay you for this redirected traffic.

Q: Do you pay for all 404 Traffic?
We pay for all 404 traffic that is as a result of a HTML page that is not found. We do not pay for images (or any other file type) that causes a 404 error. Legitimate 404 hits will usually be as a result of a page that you have deleted, or a typo by the surfer.

Q: How much traffic can I send?
You can send as much traffic as you wish. But, for now, we ask that you limit your traffic to 50,000 hits per day.

Q: Do you pay for all countries?
Yes! As long as you maintain a good mix of traffic from throughout the world, we will pay for all of your traffic, regardless of country of origin. As long as you don't send us only selected country traffic, you're ok. But, like almost all other programs, we do not pay for any Chinese traffic.

Q: Do you pay on raw hits?
No. We pay per unique hit. We define a "unique hit" as hit from an IP that we have not seen in a 24 hour period.

Q: Do you send my surfer to a pop-up hell, an auto-dialer, or some malicious software install?
NO! Our page does not include any malicious code, trojans, viruses, auto-dialers, auto-loaders, or installs. We do have two simple entry pops, and two simple exit popups.

Q: You pay $4/1000. So If I send 10K 404's in one day, I will be paid $40.00 per day?
Yes, that's correct.

Q: Who runs is run by the same crew that operates innovative websites like and We've been in the traffic business for over 7 years, and we know how to help webmasters maximize the revenue from their websites.

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