The following applies to Canadian webmasters and companies who are required to register, or are registered for GST/HST. Please read the following, as it may be important to you!

Since Waveflow Inc. (the operator of is a Canadian corporation registered under the Excise Tax Act, we are obligated to pay the GST/HST tax to those webmasters and companies that are also registered.

If you are registered, we will pay you the applicable tax (either 7% GST or 15% HST) as a seperate payment after we have made our regular monthly payments.

In order for us to make these payments to you, we will need an emailed invoice detailing the tax to be collected by you. We will need an invoice for each pay period in which you receive payment.

The invoice must include the following information;

  • Your name, or your business or trading name
  • Your account name
  • The invoice date
  • Total amount of our payment to you
  • The total amount of tax to be paid, and the rate applicable (7% or 15%)
  • Your Business Number
  • Our name: Waveflow Inc.
  • A description of the services sold; traffic
  • Terms of payment

    Please email the invoices to

    We strongly suggest you discuss this with your accountant for your specific application and situation.

    Any questions regarding these invoices should be sent to: admin@(no spam)

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